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As Barry White once said "Tell me Oilzine, where should I go to make beautiful lurve?" (OK, so he didn't) But we'll show him and you anyway. There are 3 basic ways to show that you care: talking, giving and the other one.


It's 4 you-hoo

One of the main ways that people communicate nowadays is by what used to be called 'cellular phones'. But with so many shops offering "FREE* MOBILES" and other "OUTSTANDING OFFERS", where should one go when purchasing said items? Our favourite online shop, after much pain and sadness, is, who not only have a lovely website, but do seem to have the cheapest phones. I have shopped with them and they were very nice indeed. I had no quibbles, and they were quietly efficient. They've got a big range of products, including accessories, it's easy to find the product you want at a price you like.

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Last minute cards

You've got 20 minutes to find that card, before you meet your boyfriend in the pub for his birthday piss-up. What do you do? I'll tell you what you do. You search around a dismal card selection in the local offy and decide you can buy a Get-well-soon one and change the title to say 'Get Well Pissed Soon'.
You don't? Oh, it must just be me, then. Anyhoo, if that should ever happen, you'll have no excuses if you don't take advantage of
Sharpcards are an online greetings card shop. Not an e-card shop, but a proper, hold-in-your-hand, use-as-a-beermat-or-something-else-later card shop. Not only can you buy from a huge selection of quality items, you can also browse a large collection of goddam awful, chocolate-box ones aswell. How much more fun could you have online?
If you're really late with your card, then they will even handwrite the message and post it for you. They also offer an email reminder system, so you need never be in the dog house again (just as I am as I write).

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Dial-a-Date, Click-a-Prick

If you're a singleton and long for the day when you can be abused by someone you love in public, then do we have the service for you. is the UK's largest dating service with over 155,000 members. By the law of averages that means about 75,000 people of each sex there waiting to find you. Maybe you're a bit strange and don't want someone of each sex, just one of the opposite, well you're still in luck. They have a wide coverage of the country and it's free to register and browse. What more could you want?
Obviously we have never used it because we're all studmuffins here, so can't recommend it entirely, but it looks good to us. There are even pictures, so you know what you're letting yourself in for. Go on, have a look. You might learn something.

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