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REGULARS: "Babblefish" - Our Babelfish Translator

Online translation tools from Oilzine: Translate your documents within seconds with Oilzine.comís babelfish translator "Babblefish".

Translate short passages to and from English to a number of languages: You are able to translate reports and web-based text into German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Estonian, Bavarian, Frisian, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Romanian, Thai, and vice versa using our babelfish translator.

Only our babelfish translator lets you:

  • Easily communicate with others with limited English speaking skills.
  • Impress friends with new language skills.
  • Find out what Johnny Foreigner is saying about YOU.
  • Translate web pages from other countries into English using our online translation tools.

Simply 'Cut & Paste' the text and view information in that language.

Use Oilzine's online translation tools.

Enter your text for translation (you can translate up to 50 words)
Please select a language:

* can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the translations

Not happy with the results? Try Altavista's Babel Fish

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