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The Good, the Cheap and the Dirty

We've all had the problem of finding just the right present for that special friend's birthday and with the new techie age having dawned, we're encouraged to do all our shopping online. Fair enough, there is a lot of choice out there, but tracking down the right product at the right price is nigh on impossible.
It is due to this fact that we've compiled a list of our favourite cyber-shops, which, although not exhaustive, gives a wide scope for finding that particular item.
We've decided to give the list its peculiar name for reasons that will become obvious. It includes all that you would expect from us, the serious and the bizarre, the useful and the senseless, the priceless and the giveaway.
But most of all, it includes "the Good, the Cheap and the Dirty".


Get a first opinion before you buy

Before you buy anything online, there are two places you MUST check out. The first is, the second,

Ciao has honest opinions on loads of products, so you can check what other people think about it before you buy. If you register as a reviewer they'll even pay you for your opinions and each time someone reads your opinion. And they allow freedom of opinion, so don't worry about slagging off things you don't like. It's a win-win situation.
Pricerunner is a site that tells you the best price for goods before you buy them. Say for instance you want to buy a CD player. You can find out the specifications of the different models, where you can get them and, most importantly, how much each site charges. Even if you don't want to buy online, it's a good resource for find the best product for you.
Using these two sites in tandem, you should never make a bad purchase again.

Click here to find out more about Ciao
Click here to find out more about Pricerunner


Swap shop

If you've got something other than money try Remember Swap Shop? Noel, Maggie and Keith? This site's a bit like that, but without 'Brown Sauce' singing "I Wanna Be A Winner".
Swap what you have and find what you want for free at, apparently the leading Internet swapshop. With zillions of swaps, from CDs to houses, cars to collectables, Webswappers is the top online swapping site.

Click here to find out more


Gadgets, Inc.

Like a lot of people, I've always fancied myself as a spy, even to the point of nearly getting arrested for 'stalking' someone (I was doing undercover surveillance, m'lord). And is my kind of shop, as GQ said, it's "like having Q's laboratory in your living room". But even if you're not the Modesty Blaise type, you'll be glad to know that they also have lifestyle and homeware - rubber band gun vs toast rack, Walkie Talkie vs Sun Lounger, Flying Lessons vs CD Rack. The last thing I'll say is make sure you have your credit card details handy, you'll need them.

Click here to find out more


Stranger than fiction

When you need something completely different, visit They've got the most bizarre gifts, services, books, bongs, films, sex products and general weird shit that you could ever wish for. From cute and kookie to strange and freaky, BlueSnake assure us that you'll get what you want, not what you need!
BlueSnake is basically a store that sells everything on your wants list, they know what they're talking about and are happy to make suggestions. Shopping with them lets you buy in safety the kinds of merchandise that traditionally come from small companies, whether that's novelty chocolate shit in nappies or unusual designs in bongs. Over 21s only!

Click here to find out more


Tom Cruise's y-fronts

Also fitting into the 'different' category is, who specialise in designer items from your favourite film or television show. From Brad Pitt's "Fight Club" sunglasses and clothes to the "Big Brother" cow chair, there's something to suit everyone's tastes and pockets. The stuff is absolutely amazing. Imagine owning Samuel L. Jackson's "Shaft" hat, or Marilyn Monroe's "Seven Year Itch" white dress (you know the one). I would say that this shop is unbeatable. I don't know of any other site like it.

Click here to find out more


Designer gear

For quality gear at affordable prices you can't go far wrong with, the home of future fashion for the UK. The Laden Showroom, on Brick Lane E1, is a showcase store for London's up-and-coming fashion designers.
And now you can buy all your clothes and accessories from these talented designers, at reasonable prices, all from the comfort of your home or office. Browse the designers and review their collections... check out the departments or look at all the products for sale online.

Click here to find out more



There's not much we can say about that you won't already know. It's the best, if not the largest, online bookshop in the world. It should be your first stop to shop. The only thing we can add is that they don't just sell books, you know. Amazon also do music, DVDs, videos, PC and video games, and electronics. Basically, they sell almost everything you could need.

Click here to find out more


Rare/Second-hand books

But if you can't find that old book you want anywhere, not even on Amazon, then try, who not only have books at really low prices, but also specialise in second-hand and antiquarian books. Those lovely books you have always wanted to get your grubby little hands on might be just one click away.
They offer a wide range of books covering a vast array of topic areas. Users can buy and sell books or search for hard to find titles. There are a number of different areas to cater to your needs.

Click here to find out more



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