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The advent of the cyberage has brought us many things: boy/girlfriends you've never met, "website improvement tips", banner ads, Derek's toast homepage, and downloadable coffee.

But wasn't it meant to be this wonderful resource where people could share things? Thankfully, you have people like us who do the hard work for you. Oilzine has teamed up with 3 'providers' so they can share their riches with you. And let's face it you need it.

Sounds like the dream ticket, doesn't it? And getting at that looba is simpler than a 'find porn on the internet' competition.

Fair enough there are some catches. You have to register your details with them and you may have to use an incey-wincey bit of effort, but the wonga's there none-the-less.

Interested? You should be.

Maybe you need some more persuading.

Then read on McDuff.


Get paid for receiving adverts

Firstly, we have Mr. AdGood.

View advertisements tailored to your interests, collect bonus points and earn cash!

It is a simple concept: You register your interests with Mr. AdGood. They send you advertisements and special promotions tailored to your interests via SMS, WAP or email. The more advertisements you view, the more bonus points you collect. Upon reaching the point equivalent of 10.00, they redeem you the bonus points in cash!

No junk mail, no spamming! You will only receive advertisements that fit your personal profile and interests.

When you sign up for their service, they ask you to enter your personal interests and hobbies. This enables them to know which type of advertising is relevant and interesting for you. You are always in charge of when and how much advertisement you receive.

Mr. AdGood services are currently only available on SMS and email.

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Next comes MyPoints.

With MyPoints(R), you earn Points for great rewards simply by reading email, touring web sites and more. And it's free!

Join now and earn up to 150 Points!

Redeem your Points for fine dining, merchandise and theatre tokens from well-known brands like Argos, Virgin, Dixons, Boots, Marks and Spencer, Pizza Hut, Halfords, B&Q, Woolworth, Beefeater, Thresher and more!"

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Win upto £1million a day

Finally, we've got TheDailyDraw. provides players with the chance to win a 1st prize of 1million.

Their advertisers pay for your entries so that you don't have to. All they ask in return is that you provide certain information to them so that they ensure that the advertising you see always matches your interests.

Players choose to see either banners, or banners and e-mails, and you can change your preferences at any time.

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