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Free game of the week

Oilzine lets you play games online, free!

You’ve got lots of work to do but you need your fix of gameplay. You do a search on Google for “Play Games Online Free”, but all you can find is “Marvin the Mega Mouse”.

Sound familiar?

We all know the problem with free online games, there are so many out there that are bag o’ shite, or ones where you have to register, that you get bogged down and don’t get chance to play the good ones.

To rectify this, we’re going to do all the hard work for you (OK, hard, but enjoyable work). Every week we’ll bring you what we consider to be the most interesting game we’ve uncovered from the many obscure free online games out there.

After literally hours of suggestion and counter-suggestion, we’ve inventively called this the “Game of the Week”. Good, eh?

And in addition to the current “Game of the Week”, the archive of previous "games of the week" will always be readily available for you to use. So there’s no excuse for playing “Marvin the Mega Mouse” ever again.

We guarantee that whenever you come to us, you’ll feel liberated and able to play games online, free.

And you'll solve the age-old problem that even Socrates once commented on, that of spending too long looking for decent free online games, and not enough time playing them.

As Socrates himself would say, "everyone's a winner".

Hey, Hey, this week's game of the week is...

Sphere Runner
Format: Java

Arcade. Turn the circles into spheres. Avoid the thing firing at you. Good addictive game. Arrow keys to control.

Archive of other games...
Yahtzee - Format: Java
Strategy. The classic dice game brought to life. Mouse controlled

Area Flat 2 - Format: Java
Arcade. Shoot space invaders in the usual way. Arrow keys and space to control.

King of the Hill Paintball - Format: Shockwave
Sports. Shoot Hank and friends during a paintball game in their backyard. Shoot 'em 3 times and they're out. They shoot you 3 times, you're out.

Wiz3 - Format: Java
Platform. Guide your wizard around the scenarios, collecting potions and stars, and avoiding the baddies. Arrow keys and space to control.

Soccer - Format: Java
Sports. Looks shit, but is very addictive. Use your mouse to direct the players, and click to pass. Pass and move, pass and move.

Chess - Format: Java
Strategy. Play the computer at Chess. Seems a bit good for me… maybe I'm just crap at it. Mouse controls.

Race 3D - Format: Java
Racing. Not the best graphically, but plays very well. Race as any kind of Ford car. Arrow keys to control (space to select).

Blackjack - Format: Java
Gambling. Basically a great looking version of every grandparent's favourite 'Pontoon'. Mouse controlled.

Way of the Exploding Fist - Format: Java
Fighting. Emulation of the famous Spectrum game. One of the all-time greats. Keyboard controls.

10 Pin Bowling - Format: Shockwave
Sports. Great graphics and very fast. Use the mouse to control. Click and drag mouse up to bowl.

9-Ball Pool - Format: Java
Sports. Very simple looking 9-ball, but very enjoyable. If you don't know the rules, ALWAYS hit the lowest numbered ball, but pot anything to continue. He who pots the 9-ball wins. Mouse controlled.

Skeet Shooting - Format: Java
Sports. Shoot the 'skeet' (clay pigeons) and the vermin to score maximum points. Use your mouse to control.

Super Mouse - Format: Java
Platform. Cheesy graphics, but playable nonetheless. Collect the coins, avaoid the baddies. You know the score. Arrow keys to control.

King Putt - Format: Shockwave
Sport. Crazy golf. Great looking and easy to control. Those hills are killers though. Mouse controlled

Fill It - Format: Java
Strategy. Strange game. Use your ship to fill the space by completing rectangular area. But don't let the birds hit your lines. Sounds complicated, but have a few goes and you'll get the hang of it. Use arrow keys to fly your ship.

Wiffle Ball - Format: Shockwave
Sports. Play baseball with a wiffleball - like a windball (to us Brits). It spins and swerves wickedly. Mouse controlled

Chequered Flag - Format: Java
Racing. Emulation of old "Chequered Flag" game. Plays just like the speccy version. Keyboard controlled.

Snow Craft - Format: Shockwave
Shoot 'Em Up. Snowball fight against endless enemies. Mouse controlled

DJFU Wax Attack II - Format: Shockwave
Platform. Jumps about, collect the disks. Great graphics and cool music. Arrow keys and space to control

Javanoid - Format: Java
Arcade. Break Out updated. Mouse controlled

Mummy Maze - Format: Java
Strategy. Avoid the mummy. Use mouse to control

Limp Bizkit Game - Format: Flash
Platform. Skateboarding and listen to their over-rated music. Use arrow keys and space.

Space Rocks - Format: Shockwave
Asteroids. Like the old arcade version. Use arrow keys to control

Armegalo - Format: Flash
Destroy everyone…that's including sheep, cows, people and most importantly, YOUR SOUL. Use your mouse to control.







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