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Features - Top 10 Things To Take To University
Alison Hanlon

Below is a list of ten things that every new student needs, that no university prospectus will ever tell you....

1. A mad fancy dress outfit!

An essential. No student is complete without a ridiculous fancy dress outfit. Something along the lines of a smurf, a pirate, a fairy (regardless of gender) or a robot, will do just fine. The more ridiculous, the better!

2. Letter fridge magnets!

A great way to communicate with your flat mates. From 'Back at 6' to 'Matt is a loser', these delights never get boring and will provide non-stop entertainment!

3. A doss-around-the-flat outfit!

This usually consists of pyjama bottoms, a comfy hoody and boots. It's a necessity the morning after and for simply relaxing with flat mates. The more casual-daytime-wear you make it look, the more chance you'll have of getting away with wearing it to lectures!

4. A fold out chair!

After one week, you'll more than likely end up with hundreds of friends, but still with only four or five chairs in your kitchen, so a fold out chair will always save the day!

5. A pack of cards!

A necessity when it comes to drinking games. And something to pass the time while you're waiting for your dinner to cook!

6. A sieve!

Most flats usually end up with five kettles, four toasters, a never-ending amount of plates, but not one sieve! So if you want to be the favourite flat mate, this is vital!

7. A pot noodle!

Cooking is a chore. You'll eventually grasp a few recipes over time, but until then, pot noodles are the way forward. Quick and easy, they're always a winner!

8. A spare quilt!

Great for having friends over (obviously)! But even if you're not having people over for the night, who can say no to a second quilt, eh?!

9. A Facebook account!

Essential when it comes to staying in touch with people and finding out about nights out of course, but also great for pretending to work really hard in the library!

10. A party music playlist!

Vital for nights out or nights in. Even if you're just chilling out in the flat for the night, music is always a cure and will keep you dancing all the way through your first year at university!

But don't forget all of the obvious of course! i.e. clothes, toothbrush and toilet roll or else you'll find yourself in a little bit of a mess (and possibly a bit smelly too)!

Trust me, I've seen people do it....

Good luck guys!

Work hard and party even harder!


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