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Features - Save Jobs at BMC

Whilst BMC accept there is a current funding deficit of over 6 million, we do not accept the need to make such swingeing cuts in the workforce.

This college is proposing the axing of 30 permanent teaching posts, 30 support staff, and the remainder being made up of curriculum managers, senior managers and associate lecturers.

The college is currently spending a large amount of money on remodelling part of the Sutton Coldfield campus and extensive building works at the James Watt campus, as well as the purchasing of computers for senior managers, a fleet of brand new cars for promotional purposes and the continued purchasing of fresh exotic flower arrangements for visible areas of the college premises.

Vote against the misuse of public funds and the decimation of facilities, support and teaching for people within the West Midlands area, and call for a thorough investigation into the management practices of the senior management of the college, as well as a halt to all proposed job cuts.

Sign the petition here (opens in new window)


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