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Features - The Mighty Boosh Live

The Mighty Boosh are, for the uninitiated, a comedy duo of magnificent proportions. They're not well - built. Their proportions come in the shape of their comedy genius and unflapping ability to wow audiences.

The Boosh was first a stage show that won the Perrier Award for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Festival 1998. During their residency at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in North London the following year, they built up a cult following. In 1999 they returned to the Edinburgh Festival with their new show Arctic Boosh which sold out every night and won a nomination for the Perrier Award. In 2000 while performing their third stage show Autoboosh at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival they won the festival's Barry Humphries Award.

The Boosh were 'signed' by the BBC soon after, and in 2001, The Mighty Boosh, a radio series produced by Danny Wallace was broadcast on BBC London Live, Radio 4, and BBC 7. This six-part series won the Douglas Adams Award for innovative comedy writing, an award which was created to honour the Boosh and has not been awarded since.

The Mighty Boosh returned to radio again on 22 October 2004, when they did a comedy special for BBC Radio 1. The weird world of Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) was then screened on BBC over the past year has rewarded The Boosh team with critical acclaim.

The boys return to the comedy stage, embarking on an array of magical, bizarre adventures including a trip to the Arctic tundra to find a lost egg, an expedition deep into the jungle, and quite literally to Hell and back in a dodgy cab!

Vince describes himself as a 'Mowgli in flares' with mirrorball outfits and goth hairdo - styled with hairspray containing 'The tears of Robert Smith' whereas Howard thinks he is more the brains of their wacky duo, a brooding geography teacher lookalike partial to doo-wop and moody jazz - obviously destined for better things.

On their journeys they encounter a range of weird and unusual characters including the Parka people, the dreaded Cockney Man-Witch, a demonic granny and a funky man-eating seaweed !

And if they lucky they are sometimes helped on their adventures by the all-knowing enigmatic shaman, Naboo (Michael Fielding). and the talking ape Bollo(Dave Brown), his familiar.

With music & mayhem - it's all in a days work for The Mighty Boosh.

Visit the Boosh here.


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